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The chosen artwork: portraitX4 by the artist Raphael Perez.
Raphael Perez was born in 1965 in Jerusalem. His work deals mainly with nudity, nature, portraits and flowers.
Many of his pieces can be found among professional collectors and art fans. His work has been displayed in many
art exhibitions, such as Time for Art and the Tel-Aviv Art Museum. His studio is located in Tel-Aviv, #7 Rupin Street.
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To the right of it are 9 additional pieces, which were specially noted.
We would like to thank the visitors, members of the committee, Internet surfers, voters and everyone who
supported the project.

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Raphael Perez

Tal Paz-Fridman


Ido Dror


Yona Levi Grossman


Elke Hacmun


Ilan Gielchinsky


Gill Lennox Hochstadt


Ran Shenberger


Balmas Shmulik


Einat Bergmann


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