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HH 2007 Art Project: "First Hand, Second Hand"

Heskia-Hacmun 2007 art project "First Hand, Second Hand" relates to the centrality of the commercial aspect in the contemporary art scene in the western world and Israel.

Installation and Selection of the artworks were done by Ory Dessau a young curator who is responsible for several exhibitions that produced great interest among the art community and more.

The name of the project refers to the generation differences between the artists and to the linkage between the generations and creative autonomy among each artist, first hand and second hand.

The project includes multimedia artworks as a result of hand artwork and its status in the current technology age.

The participant artists are: Olga Borozina, Adam Rabinowitz, Nir Hod, Michal Helfman, Gil Marco Shani, Ruti Nemet, Shibetz Cohen, Nirit Aharoni, Yael Argov, Anan Tzukerman

The artwork of Adam Rabinowitz "Black Dog" (bronze statue) is the chosen artwork of 2007 art project.

The project was held in Haoman 17 Tel Aviv at the beginning of September 2006.


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Adam Rabinowitz "Black Dog"
Adam Rabinowitz

The Art project - Photo by US Army Corps of Engineers


The art project

The art project


The art project


Nirit Aharoni Brahms


The art project


Michal Helfman


The art project


Yael Argov

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