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Olympic 2008

The participant artists are: Belkind Scheps Osnat, Ohad Milstein, Eliaz Slonim, Kobi Harel, Itshak yarkoni, Oded Kertes, Alma Machness, Avishai Finkelstein, Orna Oren, Keren Shpilsher, Netta Leiber Sheffer, Amnon Tishler, Gil Lennox Hochstatt, Noam Hanegbi, Liad Nuri, Adi Brande, Ahmad Canaan, Anat Maoz, Hinda Weiss, Olaf Kuhnemann, Dima Shevtchenko, Yael kaplan, Elad Mor, Hagar Shapira, Lilach Pinkas, Yoav Weiss.

Artistic consultant and curation was made by Johanan Herson. The Electing committee members were Shulamit Nus, Dalia Hacker, Johanan Herson and Rafi Baribiray.

The art event Olympic 2008 was held on 20.9.2008 in Gebo art space, Tel-Aviv

The artworks of Ahmad Canaan and of Elad Mor are the chosen artwork of Olympic 2008.


Olympic 2008  Open the Gallery 
Elad Mor
Elad Mor
Ahmad Canaan
Ahmad Canaan
Open the Gallery

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