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2007 – Passion

HH 2008 Art Project: “Passion”

This year’s project is led by Neta Gal-azmon, who has worked for years to promote both veteran and young artists. Gal-azmon has also helped with fundraising for exhibitions with museums, curators and leading galleries. The theme for the 2008 art project is “Passion.” Many of the artists participating in this project have already had their work displayed in Israel’s museums and art collections as well as collections and exhibitions abroad. The event took place at “Haoman 17” club in Tel Aviv on 6.8.2007.

The participant artists are: Ady Shimony, Anan Tzukerman, Dana Gillerman, Galia Yahav, Michal Schreiber, Sasha Serber, Uri Gershuni, Ran Slavin, Rakefet Viner Omer

The artwork of Uri Gershuni is the chosen artwork of 2008 art project.

Click here for the event brochure

During the event, in the yard, were iron statues created by Itay Iron. The exhibition was entitled, “Motor-Art.” Iron is a professional mechanic who created each statue by assembling hundreds of items. The statues are made from iron elements and from internal parts of vehicles and motorbikes engines.

Uri Gershuni