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2010 – Simply Tel Aviv

Simply Tel Aviv is the Heskia-Hacmun 2010 art project.

The city of Tel-Aviv recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. As Israel’s biggest metropolis, it is a vivid city full of residential, commerce, culture and art centres. Tel Aviv is characterized by an open-minded, free and independent atmosphere. The beaches, promenade, restaurants, cafes, bars and rich nightlife make Tel Aviv attractive for tourism and vacation. Tel Aviv is also considered the business centre of Israel and maintains a unique character of freedom and tolerance.

The Heskia-Hacmun office has been situated in Tel Aviv since its foundation in 1998. In the summer of 2010, we moved into our new offices by the sea. We are here:

Simply Tel-Aviv, the Heskia-Hacmun 2010 art project, shows artworks that epitomize characteristic moments of Tel Aviv. The art represented here is stimulated by the personality of the city and not less importantly reciprocates in returning the creative energy that makes Tel Aviv such a vibrant city. The various faces of the city are being expressed in different styles and techniques of photography and painting.

Four artists were chosen for this year’s project, Dana Goldberg, Ronen Akerman, Johanan Herson and Raphael Perez. The chosen pieces are below. The Heskia-Hacmun art project encourages creativity and original artwork as part of its commitment to enrich Israeli society.

  1. Dana Goldberg Strolling With A Camera

Dana Goldberg studies at Bezalel academy of arts in Jerusalem, and misses the joyful and free atmosphere of the streets of Tel-Aviv. Strolling with her camera in Tel-Aviv, she met little Rona Ozeri who helped her capture a photo with the unique atmosphere of the city.

2. Ronen Akerman Presents Fitness Training

This is a picture from a series under the topic of sports, effort and physical power in Tel-Aviv. The photographer Ronen Akerman (1963) pictured people in movement and action while emphasizing the aesthetic and the physical nature of their activity.

3. Johanan Herson White City / Colourful People 

White City / Colourful People (acrylic on canvas) is one of the artworks from the series White City shown at Gebo Art Space, in the exhibition for the Tel Aviv 100 years celebration. In his paintings, the artist Johanan Herson reflects the colourful creativity and free energies of Tel-Aviv and its people.

4. Raphael Perez: Naïve drawings 

Raphael Perez (1965), painting (acrylic on canvas) from a naïve style series, in which the artist drew central symbols and locations in Tel-Aviv, in his happy, colourful and unique way.