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2013 – The Tsalmania

Pri-Or PhotoHouse

The Oldest Photography Shop in Israel

Established in 1940 by the photographer Rudi Weissenstein, who documented the creation of the State of Israel among many other nostalgic moments, the Zalmania turned to be a mythological institute with the passing years. It has been family owned and operated for 3 generations and has become one of Israel’s most important and largest photography archives.

Address: 5 Tchernichovski Street, Tel-Aviv

The Heskia-Hacmun Art Project

For 2014, Heskia-Hacmun has chosen to highlight the traditional cultural institution known as the “Tsalmania” – Pri-Or PhotoHouse, founded by the late Israeli photographer Rudi Weissenstein, who documented and captured historical events since the establishment of the state of Israel. His photos captured key historical figures, breath-taking sites, and defining moments of the Israeli society.

We recommend the documentary film “Life In Stills” (2011), directed by Tamar Tal. She documented the joint journey of Miriam, Rudi’s wife, and her grandson Ben, in their struggle to preserve their original store in the face of renovation of Tel Aviv’s Allenby Street. Several months after the making of the film, Miriam passed away at the age of 98. Her grandson continues in the steps of his grandparents and helps keep the store alive at its temporary location at 5, Tchernichovski Street.

The website of the movie:

The hh art project encourages creation and original artwork for a better Israeli society