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Benjamin Sommerhalder, Basel Switzerland / April – May 2018

I spent roughly a month with Heskia Hacmun as I had some time between to internships in Switzerland. It has been a very interesting experience and I felt very welcome from the first day in the office.

The lawyers at Heskia Hacmun went out of their way to give me an inside into Israeli law as well as into the culture of the country. I worked with a very motivated and energetic team. My legal work involved mainly international contract law and inheritance law. I worked on interesting cases for clients in Germany, Switzerland and Israel. I had the chance to get an insight into the Israeli legal system by accompanying the litigating attorney to court.

I had a lovely time working on the 17th floor of the Gaon Tower, having a wonderful view over Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea. 
Last but not least I loved to spend a month in Tel Aviv. It is a very vibrant city with a positive attitude, in which one feels at home almost immediately.