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Sophia Lange, Belgium / July – August 2005

Sophia Elisabeth Lange

Brussels, Belgium

Education: LL.B. Law with German Law (University College, London), Erasmus-Scholarship in German Law (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich)

Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish


I went to Israel for my legal internship both with great excitement as well as trepidation, as I was unsure about how I would be received. But no matter what I had expected, I could have never have imagined the warmth with which I was welcomed and the immediacy with which I was integrated into the team that is Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm.

Show you how the law firm

On my first day Amos Hacmun, partner at Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm, called me to his office and asked me to evaluate a client’s case. I gave a quick outline of the pros and cons before he told me that it was actually a fictitious mail, one of many he receives everyday. He took time to test my ability to think on my feet and demonstrated how this law firm operates: each lawyer is directly involved, challenged and supported.

At university I am studying both English and German law. The two systems have taught me different ways of solving a problem and it was extremely interesting to see elements of both reflected in the Israeli legal system for instance in privacy and labour laws. Heskia – Hacmun also provided me with the opportunity to gain a hands-on experience of Israeli court procedure in Tel Aviv as well as Jerusalem. The translation of legal articles, judgments and contracts gave me direct insight into the various areas of law the firm specialises in.

The internship left a lasting impression, it was stepping stone for internships at other law firms and strengthened my ambition to gain a more objective and substantiated knowledge about the Middle East, as I am now interning at the European Parliament’s Directorate General for Foreign Relations.

A great team to work with

Unique to Heskia – Hacmun is the annual Art Project it organises in support of Tel Aviv’s local artist community. I was privileged to assist in the event by promoting it amongst the foreign media representatives in Tel Aviv. Not only was it great working with the team on this, but I could also improve my public relations and communication skills.

However, the greatest impact on my experience in Israel, and HH in particular, was made by the people I met during my internship, my travels through the region and simply whilst living in Tel Aviv for two months, near the law office. I was invited to the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended, saw a country where seemingly every stone bears historical meaning and learned from conversations with some of the most interesting people I have met. It opened my eyes to how much one can learn by working with people from different backgrounds and is something I hope to continue in the future both professionally and personally.