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Words in honor and memory of the late Shlomit Yair

Captain Shlomit Yair Z”L (Photo from the Memorial of the Ra’anana Municipality) We were close neighbors twice: once in Ra’anana where we lived and studied, and the other time at Ramon Air Force Base, where we shared side by side “pinki”, which was of a passable structure, which we also called a villa, a type of room and a half bathroom and shower. Me in the role of an Air Force Officer of Airborne Systems and Shlomit was appointed to be the first operations officer of the first Apache Squadron then called “Peten”, near the time the crates with the helicopter parts arrived at our base. Shlomit and I were also close because we were “the daughter of” and “the son of” – and my father, Brigadier General Jacky Heskia, was also from the Greens, just as the father of Shlomit Major General Yoram Yair YDLA came from the Greens. This is also why we In the Air Force, it didn’t really matter, as we tried to be blue without family attribution and do what we did ourselves, as far as we could from the military career of the fathers. We met each other with everything we did and planned ahead. We would meet in the rooms and in the dining room: With the group of young officers and Shlomit, she was charming, with a huge smile and light eyes. Shlomit was a breakthrough and really in the things she participated in was a sense of “making history”, lots of […]

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Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2020 – The Story of Krystyna Linden

Krystyna Linden was born on September 9, 1942, in the Warsaw ghetto. Her parents smuggled her out of the closed ghetto when she was a baby, and later attempted an escape but were murdered by the Gestapo. Her family members were sent to extermination camps and most of them perished. This is a summary of her testimony: “In July 1942, about two months before I was born, on the eve of Tisha B’Av, the Germans began the Great Deportation (Grossaktion) from the Warsaw ghetto. Many times the Nazis would take their actions on Jewish holidays, both to surprise the Jews, who were caught unprepared, and to interrupt and degrade Jewish holidays. During the deportation action, three days before I was born, on September 6, 1942, ghetto prisoners were forced to gather at the Zamenhof Square and Ganesha Street. During the selection, my mother Ruth held a raincoat on her pregnant belly and managed to mask her pregnancy. My mother hid her pregnancy because of the brutality of the Nazis, had they identified her pregnancy, I would not be here today. My parents Leon and Ruth, nicknamed Lutek and Ruthke, had a small room in the Schultze workshop complex. On September 9, 1942, I was born in the same room. My mother gave me the name Krystyna Krishia. Jews in the workshop bribed the German guards to allow my parents to keep me. As a baby, I was wrapped in newspapers, and a close Polish friend, Mary Gasinska, smuggled me inside […]

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