Greetings and wishes – towards Israel hosting the Eurovision songs contest 2019 Tel Aviv

Dare to dream” is the slogan of the Eurovision song contest 2019 which is planned to take place in Tel Aviv, in May 2019. Mayor Ron Huldai appointed an urban operations team that deals with the city’s preparations for hosting the delegations, media, guests and tourists that are expected to arrive. Hundreds of workers of the city were recruited for the mission and dozens of projects, business owners and residents of the city and some partners will assist in voluntary activities. The task force and the municipal departments work with the Government of Israel and the Broadcasting Corporation “Kan”, which in collaboration with EBU European Broadcasting Corporation chose to conduct the competition in the Exhibition Center, known as: “Tel Aviv Expo-International Centre for Conferences and Exhibitions” with the known “Flying Camel” symbol. Other places around the city used in dispatch centers and the festivities will be Charles Clore Garden which established the Eurovision village.

The “Tel-Aviv Global City and Tourism” administration coordinates the program of the city’s preparations in cooperation with the Telecommunications and Information Management administration of the Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality. 

Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm provides legal advice to the organization.