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Amos Hacmun – Lawyer in Israel, Member of the Tel Aviv Lawyer Bar

Amos Hacmun is a lawyer in Israel and a member of the Tel Aviv Lawyers Bar association. In 1998 he partnered with Dor Heskia, an attorney in Israel, and together they established the Israeli law firm Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm in Tel Aviv. Since Amos was born in Frankfurt a. Main in Germany and fluent in German, his initial focus was on the representation of German speaking clients in Israel. Over the years, Amos has acquired significant and unique experience in the representation of foreign clients interests as their lawyer in Israel. Amos capitalized on being an active lawyer in Tel Aviv that lives the Israeli legal and business culture while understanding the unique need of foreign clients to have a trusted lawyer in Israel that will oversee their affairs. 

The track record of Amos in his legal practice as a lawyer in Israel includes:

  • As an Israeli lawyer in Tel Aviv, the business center of Israel, Amos is regularly advising our foreign clients regarding the legal interest in Israel.
  • Amos is advising a high net worth individual in legal proceedings against one of the largest Swiss banks in connection with a multi million claim concerning the theft of his funds by a senior bank employee. 

  • Amos has advised a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in the setting up of its business in Israel.

  • As an Israeli and Tel Aviv Lawyer, Amos has been engaged in pro bono work to further the rights of Holocaust survivors to retroactively receive a working pension from the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Amos has been retained as counsel of trust by the ministry of foreign affairs of a major European country.

  • Amos advises to a major airline membership card issuer on matters concerning the regulations of credit cards in Israel.

  • Amos has represented a former partner of a real estate group against his former partners in a commercial arbitration litigation which resulted in an arbitration award of US$ 2.8 Mil. in favor of the firm’s client.

  • Amos advised and represented a German corporation which is a global leader in the fire protection business with an annual turnover exceeding 1 billion USD in its acquisition of a company business division of a publicly listed Israeli corporation. 

  • Amos provided legal advice and handled the Israeli securities related matters associated with a spin-off of a multi-national group of manufacturing and services providing companies. 

  • Amos provided regulatory counsel and advised to a UK and Icelandic group of companies in a share transfer transaction. The transferred shares were of an Israeli corporation traded at the London Stock Exchange. 

  • Amos represented a German investment company in the sale of its holdings in a local public company, that was listed for trade with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 

  • Amos regularly represents private investors in due diligence and negotiations of various investment transactions. The Investment targets were various Israeli companies in the Internet and communication fields. 

  • Amos regularly advises banks in their credit business. A transaction worth noting was the advising to an international consortium of banks as to the Israeli aspects of a series of credit facility financing transactions exceeding US$ 300 Million. Amos acted as the Israel lawyer and was part of a team of lawyers that covered 8 different jurisdictions. 

  • Amos represented investors in a financing and acquisition agreement. The purchased company was an Israeli company that is a market leader in the field of remote meter readings. 

  • Amos represented a group of investors in the due diligence, negotiations and acquisition of a company with innovative technology for the food and agricultural industries. 

  • Amos represented an international banking group in the negotiations and sale of a controlling shareholder interest in an Israeli bank. 

  • Amos headed a multi million dollar purchase transaction of a local company by an international group of companies specializing in the manufacture of hardware for the telecommunication industry. 

  • Amos handled the incorporation and regulatory issues associated with the establishment of an investment house in Israel. 

  • Amos was nominated by an international banking group to serve as board member at the Israel Continental Bank. During his service as board member, Amos was an active member of the credit and audit committees of the board of directors. 

  • Amos provides ongoing legal consulting to venture capital investors in investment and finance transactions.  

  • Amos handled legal aspects of incorporation and business establishment of an Israeli subsidiary for a publicly traded German company. The company is active in the field of fiber optics and advanced technology networks.

  • Amos is frequently nominated to various offices by the district court and he acted as voluntary liquidator of several Israeli companies.  

  • Amos handled legal aspects of a telecommunication venture based on the electronic sale of prepaid cellular services.  

  • Amos handled legal aspects of reorganizing the operation of one of the largest fashion chains in Israel. 

  • Amos handled and accompanied the financing of a large real estate project in Europe. 

  • Amos administrated and handled a large estate with assets located in Germany, Switzerland and the US. 

  • Led an international transaction that included technology licensing, manufacturing, selling of telecommunication technology and investments in Israel companies. 

  • In the year 2000, Amos headed the licensing of technology and acquiring of certain know how, that were the cornerstone for the establishment of a semiconductor fab project. The fab was built in the northern part of Israel at an overall cost of USD 1.5 Billion. 

  • Amos provided legal advice to the owners of a famous dance club which expanded from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.  

  • Amos has been appointed by the court to serve as trustee and special manager in various insolvency proceedings.

  • Amos if frequently appointed as special manager by the Attorney General department of the Official Receiver.  

  • Amos provided advice as to the antitrust aspects of a large acquisition that was followed by a merger.  

  • Amos advised to a well known Swiss corporation and acted as their corporate lawyer in Tel Aviv, Israel, while representing it in the negotiations with a consortium of cooperating companies.  

  • Amos is acting as legal counsel to a well known international bank in matters concerning the materialization of pledges and corporate debentures.

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