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Inheritance & Estates

Inheritance and estate matters and proceedings can be difficult in the best of circumstances. But when will contests and other family disputes come into play, things can become extremely complicated. Estate and probate issues are a sensitive subject in any country. This is the case in Israel as well. 

Estate planning, litigation and administration are frequently emotional, but a Tel Aviv inheritance and estate attorney can help you through these challenging issues. The lawyers at Heskia-Hacman Law Firm have extensive experience in all issues relating to estates and inheritance, including will and estate planning, litigation and will challenges, tax optimisation and estate administration. Our work includes advising Israeli residents, as well as helping foreign residents through all aspects of this practice.

Wills and Estate Planning

Planning for the future is important, yet many people are reluctant to do so. In Israel, as in most other countries, a will is the most important document when it comes to estate planning. A will is a legal document that specifies how a person’s assets should be distributed after their death. It can also be used to name guardians for minor children, specify funeral arrangements, and more.

We help our clients regulate their estates, and ensure that their estate planning documents, including their last will, meet legal requirements. In most cases, this requires listening carefully to the client, and understanding the specific circumstances and complexities that are relevant to their situation. 

We offer practical solutions to the many impediments that are involved in estate planning, such as taking into account the client’s business interests and any relevant tax implications.  It’s important to note that in Israel, the law allows for a person’s assets to be distributed according to the rules of intestacy if they die without a valid will. This means that the court will distribute the assets according to a predetermined formula, regardless of the deceased person’s wishes. Therefore, it’s essential for anyone who wants to ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes to create a valid will.

Litigation and Will Challenges

Unfortunately in Israel, as in many other countries, challenges to a will are a relatively common event. We work with our clients to ensure that grounds for will contests – such as issues concerning undue influence, lack of legal capacity, fraud, abuse of power of attorney, failure to draw up the will in accordance with Israeli Succession Law, and other issues – are removed or minimized. 

Our Israeli lawyers are experienced in representing parties who pose a challenge to a will, as well as those who need to defend the last will against such challenges before the family courts in Israel.

Estate Administration

When an estate includes complex assets that must be sold, as well as when there are disputes surrounding an estate, the court may elect to appoint an estate administrator. The deceased may also elect to appoint a person of trust as estate administrator in his or her last will if the deceased assumes that such appointment may help to ensure the will’s execution.

In suitable cases, The Israeli lawyers of our Tel Aviv law firm agree to assume the position of estate administrators. We have been bringing our various capacities into play for years in order to ensure that the last will of the deceased will be respected and that the heirs will have the estate fairly handled in their best interest.

Contact a Tel Aviv Inheritance and Estate Planning Attorney

We can provide legal counsel and guidance to clients with basic needs, as well as those with substantial and complex estates. Our Tel Aviv inheritance and estate planning attorneys have particular expertise working with international clients who have family assets and real estate in Israel and abroad. Contact us and we will be happy to be at your service.