Our law firm was founded by the Israeli lawyers Dor Heskia and Amos Hacmun both lawyers in Israel since 1998. Since its inception, our law firm has chosen its law offices to be located in Tel Aviv, the vibrant city which is the business center of Israel. The initial Israeli legal practices of the firm headed by the founding partners included Commercial law and Corporate Law, Banking, Litigation, inheritance law and International Transactions. With the expansion of the team and the joining of new partners, the israeli legal practices of Israeli Tax Law and Real Estate property law became an integral part of our law firm in Israel.

Our Israeli lawyers in Tel Aviv are well trained in serving foreign clients in Israel since the majority of our clients are foreigners with various interests in Israel. Our lawyers in Tel Aviv will explain and make the foreign client aware of legal matters unique to the israeli legal system.

Our Tel Aviv team includes Israeli lawyers and trainees as well as interns from various countries which have chosen our Israeli law firm to intern at and get an insight into the practice of a law firm in Israel.

Our israeli law firm is located in Tel Aviv, yet we are able to assist our clients in most of the business centers of the world due to our long standing membership with The Law Firm Network  (also none as LFN) were we are the israeli law firm member. Our Israeli lawyers are well integrated into The Law Firm network and have good working relationships with most of the principal partners at over 60 major locations around the world. The good cooperation allows our law firm in Tel Aviv to team up with other law firms from different jurisdictions in order to provide our clients with a high quality solution of cross border legal work. In addition, our law firm in Tel Aviv is also the Israeli member of the CBBL – Cross Border Business Lawyers network which is a network of law firms characterized by their ability to fully operate in the German language thereby providing a unique service to German speaking clients around the world.

Our israeli law firm has a complete network of trustworthy local business partners that is being made available to our clients under the supervision and guidance of our lawyers in Isarel. As an israeli law firm that focuses on the representation of foreign clients in israel, we level the field by providing the foreign client with a competent local presence in israel. Whether it is in respect of a company acquisition, real estate transaction, inheritance, tax or litigation matter, our israeli law firm will make sure that the client’s interests are represented as if he would handle these matters in his home court.

The Lawyers of our Israeli law firm are trainded in our unique approach known as reaslizing client’s objectives. This is a three phase approch developed by our israeli law firm. In the first stage, our lawyers discuss the client’s legal matter with the aim to truly understand what it is that the client strives to achieve. In the second phase, the lawyers of our israeli law firm provide the client with a feedback as to what is realistically achievable and what is not. This is phase could best be described as a “reality check” based on the  professional and practical experience of our israeli lawyers. The outcome of phase two is that realistic objectives are set together with the client. Only once phase two has been completed, our lawyers will start to work on the matter and enter phase three which is the acctual execution of the work required in order to realize the client’s objectives.

At Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm we understand that every client is unique and that practicing business law requires one to adapt. Our israeli lawyers are therefore used to adapt so that our israeli law firm provides our clients with the legal services that they acctually need to properly handle their legal matters and achieve their objectives.

If you have any Israeli legal matters that you wish to discuss with our lawyers in Israel or obtain further information about our israeli law firm in Tel-Aviv, feel free to contact us.