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HH a Tel-Aviv Law Firm

In 1998, two visionary Tel Aviv lawyers started Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm with the goal of offering world-class legal counsel and guidance to Israeli and international law firm clients. Over the years, our expertise has evolved to include Litigation, banking and finance law, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property law, inheritance law, real estate law  and tax law. We can represent you at court or arbitration, draft and negotiate agreements, provide legal and regulatory analysis and interpretation, meet with regulators, and provide whatever operational support is needed to meet your legal goals and objectives.

Our clients include foreign states, multinational, multi-billion dollar companies as well as private individuals. They operate in industry sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, banking, insurance, aviation, logistics, consumer products and hardware and many other sectors. We are proud to represent these well-known and highly successful firms in their Israeli operations and advise our private clients on matters of succession and other personal matters of financial impact. 

Worldwide Legal Representation

While we represent many Israeli clients, the majority of our clients are international clients based outside of Israel. We work with numerous clients from German speaking countries, the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia pacific. While we provide these clients with our knowledge on the laws and regulations of Israel, equally importantly we help those international clients understand how to operate successfully from a business perspective in Israel. Israel’s business customs and environment are unlike those in most other parts of the world. In that sense, we are a full-solution law firm unlike any other in Tel Aviv.

Though Israel is a small country, it has a strong and stable economy. Starting a business in Israel, even as a foreign national, is not difficult in comparison to many other countries in the world. On the other hand, it is true that many branches of the Israeli government are extremely bureaucratic and insist on enforcing often outdated laws and regulations. We can help you negotiate the world of Israeli law and customs. With our worldwide network of established relationships, our law firm is capable of assisting clients with their legal matters in Israel and most of the business centers of the world. We participate in an extensive network with other law firms that allow us to leverage their expertise with ours. We are a member of the Cross Border Business Lawyers network, an affiliate of law firms with lawyers who speak German. Additionally, we belong to the Israel Bar Association and the Israel – German Lawyers Association (DIJV) as well as other lawyers associations. We speak English, /Hebrew and German.

Apart from our legal work, we are also deeply engaged in our community. For Example, for two decades we have sponsored an art project for local painters, photographers and other artists to showcase Israeli talent. 

Contact us today and we will be happy to be at your service.