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Banking & Finance

Banking laws in Israel have recently undergone significant changes. Among the most important recent changes include Open Banking reform to increase competition in Israel’s concentrated financial markets sector. One consequence of these reforms is that the first new Israeli bank in 40 years opened in 2022. A significant barrier to getting into the banking business in Israel has historically been the high cost of building the necessary computer and compliance infrastructure; the recent reforms have reduced this impediment. 

Despite the need for a variety of changes, Israel’s banking system has continued to maintain its stability and resilience, as well as a high level of liquidity. The banks have adopted policies to attain capital levels that are appropriate to their risk profiles. The results of stress tests carried out by the pertinent Israeli banking regulatory authorities support the assessment that the banking system is stable.

As legal specialists in the laws governing banking and financial institutions, we are well-equipped to provide expert guidance and counsel. Our services include the following:

  • Counseling controlling shareholders in investment and finance matters.
  • Representing banks and financial institutions before the Bank of Israel and other regulatory authorities involved in the regulation of financial activity in Israel, including the Israel Capital Markets Authority, Israel Securities Authority and the Bank of Israel.
  • Handling legal proceedings, receiving assets and materialization of sureties and pledges.
  • Advising clients on the extension of credit and credit facilities, including the underlying securities.
  • Conducting due diligence and negotiations for investment transactions.
  • Counseling on regulatory requirements for credit cards companies.
  • Providing legal counseling for investment. 
  • Providing legal guidance to banks concerning the materialization of pledges and corporate debentures.

This is not an exhaustive list, but representative of the types of complex legal services that we offer.

Bank Accounts Owned by Foreign Residents

For Foreign residents, whether individual or companies operating in Israel that are owned by foreign nationals, navigating the banking system can be complex, and things are significantly different than in other countries. The due diligence process and “know your client” requirements are very extensive and frequently change. Furthermore, the transfer of foreign currency into Israel entitles inquiries as the source of funds and proper taxation. Our Banking lawyers assist and support our clients in successfully navigating these issues.

Contact a Tel Aviv Banking and Finance Lawyer

Whether you are an Israeli company or an international firm doing business here, our indepth experience in regulatory matters qualifies our Israeli law firm to provide the required legal guidance. Our experience includes creating legal entities, designing financing techniques, transactional experience, project finance, tax restructuring and insolvency. Our banking and finance counsel, together with our transactional work in a full range of fields, enables us to provide our clients with seamless and integrated representation.

While we are a local law firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, we maintain an international global presence in the finance and banking area. In fact, most of our clients are foreign. In addition to being able to help you understand unique regulatory issues in the world of Israeli banking and finance, we can help you understand how to do business in our country. It’s not simply enough to understand the law. Israel has a  unique business culture that must be understood to be successful. Helping you structure your business to include these nuances is critical to success.

Whether you are an individual, or a business or corporation from Europe, the United States, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, we can help you navigate the Israeli finance and banking issues that affect your business. We are a member of The Law FIrm Network which has partners at over 60 major locations around the world, as well as being a member of the Cross-Border Business network, an affiliation of law firms around the world that can transact business in the German language. 

The most highly regarded international law firms in the world refer their clients to us. Contact us today. We are ready to serve you.