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At Heskia-Hacmun, we provide legal advice and representation to both Israeli and foreign clients. From corporate to individual taxes, from Value Added Taxes (VAT) to real estate taxes, we have the talent and experience to provide you with the specialized guidance you need. Though not an exhaustive list, below is a representative sampling of the tax services we can provide to you or your business. 

Corporate Tax Law

Our tax lawyers can provide continuing tax law consulting services for your company, or on a one-time as needed basis. Our services include complex corporate tax planning that optimizes your tax situation. Whether you’ll be creating a start-up company, acquiring other businesses, spinning off a division, or preparing for a corporate liquidation, we can help you make the most of your tax situation. If your legal situation requires written legal opinions or representation before the Israeli Tax Authorities, we can provide those services as well.  

Tax Counseling for Public Institutions and Associations

We provide comprehensive tax counseling services to public institutions and associations in Israel in accordance with amendments 4 and 6 to the Israeli Companies and Non-Profit Organizations (“NPO”) Law. Specifically, we can:

  • Offer consultation to the association and NPO members (management committee, directors, audit committee, internal auditor, etc.);
  • Act as an audit committee member in an association or NPO;
  • Obtain tax exemption approvals for donors of public institutions
  • Offer after- tax planning for value added tax aspects of both public institutions and NPOs;
  • Obtain approval of automatic wage creditingere employees are encouraged to make donations to well-known institutions;
  • Consult on real estate taxation

International Tax Law

The majority of our clients are international. We provide them with following types of services: 

  • Personal accompaniment and consultation to foreign residents who are asset owners/individuals with Israeli income;
  • The accompaniment of foreign investors who are interested in investing in Israel;
  • Personal consultation to recent immigrants and returning residents prior to their return to Israel;
  • Consultation regarding tax residency in accordance with the Israeli tax laws and the applicable tax treaties;
  • The establishment of low tax holding structures through the application of the tax treaties under various arrangements;
  • Consultation on issues of payments and withholding tax for foreign residents;
  • The issuance of written legal opinions; and
  • The obtainment of various approvals in advance from the above-mentioned tax authorities in order to secure the tax liability in specific cases.

Representation Before Tax Authorities

Our law firm’s tax lawyers specialize in legal representation before the Israeli tax authority and other relevant authorities through all assessment stages on capital gains, land betterment tax, income tax, value added tax (VAT) and other taxes. In addition to obtaining pre-ruling approvals from the Israeli Tax Authority’s Directorate, our lawyers can enter into negotiations on behalf of our clients with the various Israeli tax authorities for the purpose of reaching different tax settlements and special arrangements in specific cases.

Heskia-Hacmun’s tax lawyers provide consultation on Israeli tax law to clients, including the personal accompaniment of the client, in the following fields:

  • Tax consultation in real estate transactions in Israel, including land betterment tax reports;
  • Personal consultation and accompaniment of individuals in senior positions;
  • Personal consultation and accompaniment of foreign residents who own assets or are recipients of income from Israel;
  • Personal consultation and accompaniment of recent immigrants and returning residents before their permanent return to Israel;
  • The continual accompaniment throughout the preparation and submission of  annual tax reports to the Israeli tax authorities;
  • Assistance and accompaniment in transactions of stock sale and purchase;
  • Obtaining pre-ruling approvals from the tax authorities;
  • Tax consultation and the accompaniment throughout all aspects of retirement taxation, taxation of pensions and retirement benefits;
  • Consultation regarding tax residency, and
  • The issuance of written legal opinions on the issues described above.

Contact a Tel Aviv Tax Lawyer

The lawyers at Hekia-Hasmun Law Firm take the time to learn about your personal situation and/or your business in order to be able to help you make the best strategic decisions about your tax situation. We can propose strategies for high-net worth individuals, immigrants and returning residents, corporations, public institutions, and NPO’s, among other groups We can provide specialized counsel to foreigners seeking to invest in Israel who want to have a better understanding of Israel’s tax structure. Contact us today to help guide you through all of your taxation issues.