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Corporate & Commercial

Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm provides legal counsel to corporations in legal matters related to Israel. The activities are carried out with a systematic view of the client’s business, from the client’s point of view, in order to realise his objectives. Our clients include banks, financial corporations, and insurance companies. We also represent companies in the fields of telecommunications, media, logistics, and pharmaceuticals. Whether you are an established Israeli company, or a foreign company planning to start doing business in Israel, we can provide you with the corporate and commercial legal support you need.  

Corporate Law 

Israel’s corporate law practice is based primarily on the Companies Law (1999), which prescribes the modern structure for business entities, both private and publicly traded. A company can be registered as a ”Private Company” or as a ”Public Company.”

Corporate law in Israel is often referred to as company law, and it focuses on the governance of companies and the rights, relations and conduct of businesses. Corporate law matters also relate to the growth, maturity or decline of a business. Each of these distinct corporate phases create changes in business operating landscapes, and specialized knowledge is necessary to provide appropriate guidance in this complex area of law. Our experience extends to the legal framework of finance, operating of a company, corporate governance, bankruptcy, secured transactions and corporate reorganizations, antitrust law, and the law of regulated industries. 

Our guidance and analysis is informed by a systematic view of the client’s business, from the client’s point of view, in order to realize their objectives. Specific services we can provide include: 

  • Consulting in incorporation and organization matters, contracts and cooperation agreements, and international transactions.
  • Handling of investment agreements, issuance of share capital, founders and other related agreements.
  • Drafting shareholder agreements.
  • Providing guidance on employee matters.
  • Drafting joint venture, franchise, distribution and commercial agency agreements.
  • Handling the regulating and certifying of corporate activities in Israel.
  • Conducting due diligence, and representing companies in the selling and purchasing of corporations.
  • Directing legal requirements related to reorganization and liquidation.
  • Representation before the court for protection.
  • Foreclosures and materialization of sureties.
  • Representation in corporate law related actions and procedures.
  • Obtaining necessary permits.

Additionally, our law firm supports its clients in every aspect within labor and employment law in Israel. Our legal services involve representing employers or employees in the negotiation of individual employment agreements. Our employment lawyers advise employers on day-to-day employment matters and questions that come up as part of the daily operation. Our litigation team regularly handles labor law disputes that end up in court due to termination of employment, breach of confidentiality or non-competition agreements. 

Commercial Law 

As in most countries, commercial law in Israel is primarily concerned with matters that relate to the commercial activities that businesses are engaged in. The range of activities covered by commercial law is expansive, and may include competition law, consumer law, contract law, intellectual property, real property, and labor and employment. 

Israel is a common law country, and contracts form the basis of the Israeli business environment. Our clients rely on us to help them draft and negotiate their commercial agreements to ensure that their business interests are well protected. These contracts may include vendor supply agreements, third-party manufacturing agreements and similar agreements that are necessary or essential to their day-to-day business operations.

A significant part of commercial law in the international commerce sphere is conducted by distributors and commercial agents. The relationship between a business owner and a distributor or commercial agent has various important legal aspects and is subject to applicable laws and court rulings. Our Tel Aviv law firm has been representing and advising its clients in such matters for many years. 

Unfortunately, sometimes business relationships go awry, and one party to the agreement does not meet its obligations. In such cases, our law firm can provide litigation, arbitration or representation in mediation to help you obtain damages to compensate you for your business losses.  

Contact a Tel Aviv Corporate and Commercial Lawyer

Heskia-Hacmun’s clients include companies that operate within the banking, financial, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, logistics, and other industry sectors. They rely on us to advise them on all of their corporate and commercial legal needs. Contact a Tel Aviv corporate and commercial lawyer and we will be happy to be at your service.