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Corporate Taxation

Our law firm’s tax lawyers specialize in providing the following:

  • Continual consulting services on corporate taxation under Israeli tax laws;
  • Real property taxation held by corporations;
  • The processing of liquidation of real property special purpose vehicles;
  • The planning of the taxation aspects that are involved in an incorporation structure pursuant to Israeli tax laws;
  • Representation in various assessment procedures before the Israeli tax authorities (real estate tax, income tax, Value added Tax – VAT);
  • The obtainment of pre-ruling approvals from the Israeli income tax authorities to pre approve and make the tax liability certain;
  • Capital gain taxation under Israeli tax laws; 
  • The processing of mergers and spin-offs;
  • Representation before the Israeli courts (income and value added taxes) as well as before appeal committees (betterment tax);
  • The issuance of written legal opinions concerning the Israeli tax laws on the issues described above and the performance of tax due diligence when acquiring an Israeli corporation.

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