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Taxation of High Net Worth Individuals

Our law firm’s tax lawyers provide consultation on Israeli tax law to clients. These include the personal accompaniment of the client in the following fields:

  • Tax consultation in real estate transactions in Israel, including betterment tax reports;
  • Personal consultation and accompaniment of individuals in senior positions;
  • Personal consultation and accompaniment of foreign residents who own assets/are recipients of income from Israel;
  • Personal consultation and accompaniment of recent immigrants and returning residents before their return to Israel;
  • The continual accompaniment throughout the preparation and submission of their annual tax reports to the Israeli tax authorities;
  • Assistance and accompaniment in transactions of stocks’ sale and purchase;
  • The obtainment of pre-ruling approvals from the tax authorities;
  • Tax consultation and the accompaniment throughout all aspects of retirement taxation, taxation of pensions and retirement benefits (including: examination of tax factors at the time of deposit and/or retirement of employees/controlling interest holders from their employer; the obtainment of pre-ruling approvals from the income tax’s commission of abnormal withdrawals/deposits in addition to the receipt of future pension);
  • Consultation regarding tax residency according to the internal law and the convention’s articles;
  • The issuance of written legal opinions on the issues described above.

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