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Taxation of Public Institutions

Our law firm’s tax lawyers provide: 

  • General tax consultation to public institutions and associations in Israel (following amendments 4 and 6 to the Israeli Companies and Non-Profit Organizations Law, non-profit organizations and associations risk illegal operation if lacking the proper consultation);
  • Assistance and accompaniment in the filling out of the verbal report to NPOs and associations;
  • Consultation to the association and NPO members (management committee, directors, audit committee, internal auditor, etc.);
  • Our tax lawyers may act as audit committee member in an association or NPO;
    • tax services to public institutions/NGOs, are provided in Israel on four levels: (
      • a) the obtainment of tax exemption approvals for the donors of public institutions;
      • (b) tax planning of value added tax (VAT) aspects of public institutions and NGOs; (
      • c) the obtainment of an approval of automatic wage crediting in large institutions where employees are encouraged to make donations to well-known institutions;
      • (d) consultation on real estate taxation.

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