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Tangqin Lu (Christy) Apr - June. 2016

I came to Israel in December 2015 for a year, and I fell in love with the country immediately, so I started to search for legal internship opportunity in Tel Aviv, and I am glad that I found Heskia-Hacmun law firm, which is located perfectly in the best area of Tel Aviv.

I am glad that I was offered the chance. I have both experience in Asia and Europe. For me, 2 months with HH law firm is definitely very unique, it is also another side of the world to me.

It is not just a legal experience for me, luckily I also got the chance to see more about the culture and the people in Israel. Everyone in the firm has been very helpful, and is willing to help and answer all my questions. I also got the chance to see some really interesting cases which I would
not be able to see outside this country, for instance, the Israeli family law. I would like to thank the lawyers for putting the trust in me with the multiple tasks; I paid visits to the Tel Aviv court house and Interior Ministry for couple of times as well.

It was also a surprise to spend the passover and the independence day in the firm, I was very lucky to experience the most special days of Israel,really appreciated that firm arranged special sessions for the interns from other countries to get to know about the Jewish history.

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