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Filippo Rizzi, Padova Italy / April 2019

I worked for Heskia-Hacmun law firm for the month of April. It was an amazing experience which helped me grow both professionally and personally.

At Heskia-Hacmun, interns work with several attorneys who treat you in a nice, professional manner. They are always willing to answer questions and explain aspects of the Israeli legal system to you. The firm gave me practical opportunities to learn how Israel’s principal legal institutions work. I was required to submit various documents to the court. Heskia-Hacmun appreciates how important it is to satisfy customer needs, but the firm also prioritizes creating a harmonious work environment. The firm is also very accommodating, allowing you to work flexible hours. The office of the firm is located on 17th floor of Gaon House and has a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to complete my internship at Heskia Hacmun. I highly recommend taking an opportunity to work at Heskia Hacmun and having the same experience.