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Efrat Pellet, USA / June 2007

Efrat Pellet

New York, NY

Education: New York Law School (J.D. expected 2009); B.A. Political Science, Journalism and Media Communications

Languages: English, Hebrew, French


For the month of June I had the wonderful opportunity of working at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm in Tel Aviv. From the moment I arrived in the office, located in the beautiful Triangular Azrieli Tower, I was welcomed in a very warm manner. On the first day I was invited to sit in on the Firm’s weekly meeting where I immediately saw an efficient and eager team.

I was apprehensive at first because I was only able to work for a month at Heskia-Hacmun, but I received many diverse and interesting projects. I was able to help in the translation of legal documents from Hebrew to English, and vice versa, as well as aid in document review, and accompany the attorney’s to court. Each project, whether contract drafting or memo writing, was accompanied by a detailed explanation from an attorney. This was one of the most valuable experiences I had while working at Heskia-Hacmun. I learned a great deal about each assignment ranging from the client’s background, to the Israeli legal system, to the culture of the Israeli work force. I was very impressed with Dor Heskia, and Amos Hacmun, who are both innovative thinkers who have found ways to diversify their legal careers and involve their firm in many unique projects.

Working at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm was a great experience that gave me valuable exposure. I truly enjoyed my time at work, and even had the opportunity to spend time with the Heskia-Hacmun team at their annual party – a beautiful dinner hosted by one of the team members, complete with delicious food and entertaining games. Aside from the welcoming atmosphere in the office, everyone was eager for me to enjoy my stay in Israel along with gaining work experience. I am extremely pleased with my time spent at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm, and only wish that I had more time to spend working with them.