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Hanne Ellingsen, Canada / June 2006

Hanne L. Ellingsen

Montreal, Canada

Education: Licence en droit civil (LL.L) and Baccalaureate in Law, (LLB), University of Ottawa; Bachelor of Science in Biology, McGill University

Languages: English, French, Norwegian


One of life’s blessings is to find fulfillment in your career, not many people wake up in the morning looking forward to a day at the office. Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm is a place where people are happy to come to work. I feel very lucky to have spent the month of June 2006 as intern in an office where the staff is challenged to work to their full potential, but are also given ample support so that this objective can be achieved.

Working at Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm

Dor Heskia and Amos Hacmun, Partners at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm have built their practice by taking on projects that they feel passionate about. The end result is a Law firm whose success has inspired me as to the endless interesting and diverse career opportunities available within the legal profession.

Not being fluent in Hebrew or having much knowledge of the Israeli legal system, I was expecting to spend a month making coffee or photocopies. Instead, my time at Heskia – Hacmun Israeli Law Office was anything but tedious and uninteresting. I researched projects on issues in international law, was introduced to procedure at many levels of the Israeli legal system, and often received personalized explanations and translations of a wide array of court proceedings.

Not just legal work – fun too!

I was most thrilled at the opportunity to be involved with Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm’s 8th Annual Art Competition. Introduced by Dor Heskia in 2000 as an office project to encourage original artwork in the Tel Aviv area, the competition has grown each year and now has entries from all over the world overseen by a curator at the Tel Aviv Museum.

During my stay at Heskia – Hacmun, not only did I dine at the home of the British Ambassador, but also had the pleasure of dining with my attorney colleagues at an incredible dinner prepared by Amos Hacmun at his family home, overlooking a cliff as the sun set on the Mediterranean Sea.

Tel Aviv is a modern, vibrant and magical city offering history, culture and culinary excellence. Being an intern at Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm is a wonderful experience that I would confidently recommend to any law intern.

For question about living or working in Tel Aviv, please feel free to contact me at