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Sebastian Mahrenholz, Germany / February – April 2005

Sebastian Mahrenholz

Münster, Germany

Education: Westfälische Wilhelms-University Münster/Germany.

Languages: English, Latin, German


“A time to make friends and legal experience”

At the beginning of the year 2005 I had to make a decision: What kind of legal internship would I like to do for my curriculum vitae as a law student. After having two internships in Berlin and Düsseldorf, I preferred to go abroad. My distinct interest in the State of Israel has ever been very lively, so the immediate way led me by the medium of the German Israeli Lawyers Association to Heskia-Hacmun law firm based in Tel Aviv.

I sat in the El-Al plane and had no idea what expected me in Tel Aviv and especially at the office of Heskia – Hacmun. Given that my optional field of legal study is the international private law I was bent on that legal field.

Wide legal field at Heskia – Hacmun

The legal field of Heskia – Hacmun was significantly wider than my expectation. The firm is involved in so many interesting cases and projects and the business operating area ranges from corporate via litigation to banking etc. A diverse field of clients from the local Tel Aviv VIP scene till big concerns in the research and development area, banks in Europe and the United States makes the legal work exciting and varicoloured.

In addition to this far-reaching field of juristic action I was surprised by the great team spirit of Heskia – Hacmun. The team introduce new members in a very responsible way. After short briefings you’re confided with different duties and responsibilities and you’re a part of the team from the first day on; each team member has an open ear for demands and questions and is set on solution.
Trainees have their own sphere of authority within the circle of HH, but are also taken to the courts of Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem to get interior impressions of Israeli Jurisdiction.
The team of lawyer is highly motivated and you can notice that the Israeli law is formed with every new case. This team spirit doesn’t stop at the end of a working day but will go on with introducing newcomers to their families of HH, having a drink at clients’ events or showing “their Tel Aviv”.

The advantages of working in a Tel Aviv law firm

Beside the legal challenge of Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm. Tel Aviv offers unforeseen possibilities. Various kinds of restaurants, bars and clubs will feed every taste. Maritime flair on the Mediterranean Sea is counterbalancing the fast and intensive life of this metropolis.

It’s a great delight to linger through Tel Aviv, to watch the people on famous Scheinkin Street or Rothschild Boulevard. Alongside the high and modern skyscrapers the architecture of Bauhaus is characteristic for Tel Aviv. Whereas you have to drive several hundreds of kilometres to watch some Bauhaus edifice in “old Europe”, Tel Aviv is the capital for Bauhaus architecture; and that is the reason why the UNESCO nominated the “white city” to world heritage site in 2003.

Trainees often have the possibility to attend the lawyers of Heskia – Hacmun to Jerusalem court. After some visits of this fascinating city you can note the difference between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in one sentence Israelis often use: “Tel Aviv plays while Jerusalem prays”. Maybe with the exception of the Ha´Oman 17, a world-ranked club, that “plays” in Jerusalem and since 2005 also in Tel Aviv.

Wanting to have experiences in a wide legal field, getting to know the friendly and hearty people of Israel and Tel Aviv and last but not least want to be a part of amazing team – Tel Aviv and especially Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm is the right place.

I want to thank Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm for this great stay!