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Ignacio Blázquez Rosillo, Spain / January 2019

On January 2019, I had the opportunity to intern for an Israeli, Tel Aviv based law firm —  Heskia Hacmun. One may first wonder why me, a Spaniard, chose a destination that was so far away from my home country. The answer is two-fold; Firstly, I have been very interested in the Middle East for some years now. Secondly, as a fluent German speaker capable of working with German clients, the firm was a good fit for me.

The experience was very fulfilling and I would recommend it to any law student without hesitation. I especially recommend the firm to any law student who is interested in gaining a global perspective on how law firms work.

During my stay, I had the chance to work with great people who made my internship very special. Furthermore, the activities we did were very useful in order to understand the dynamics of a law firm. Amongst these activities I carried out a lot of case law investigation, translation of legal documents, fact checking and any other need the members of the firm needed. 

Moreover, I also had the opportunity to accompany the firm’s team to Court. In fact, one of the most relevant cases I recall was a case involving a Spanish company involved in a contractual relationship with an Israeli entity.

Besides the working hours as an intern, there are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy and submerge yourself in the city and its culture. Tel Aviv is a young city, not only in regards to its age but also in reference to the people who live there. I saw it as a city that was always awake and full of life.  With its very open, diverse and exciting atmosphere, there is always something interesting going on in Tel Aviv.

In fact, my experience has been so rewarding that I have chosen to return to Israel next year on exchange.

Ignacio Blázquez Rosillo