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Yves Holle, Germany / August-September 2008

Yves Holle

Mainz, Germany

Education: Universität Mainz (Germany), Universidad de Valencia (Spain)

German, English, Spanish


When I put my feet for the first time over the threshold of the law firm Heskia-Hacmun, I felt instantly what is special about this law firm. Everybody accepted me as a member of the team with kindness, heartiness and cooperativeness so that all my fear of the complexity of the tasks were allayed and transformed into a pleasant anticipation of the upcoming eight weeks.
In these eight weeks I was always assigned actual complicated law projects and learned a lot about working in a law firm. As an intern at Heskia-Hacmun I was never left alone with my legal problems and no question was too self-evident to be answered by all the other lawyers in the firm. Due to the fact that the law-office deals with both German and Israeli law, I got a general idea about some of the differences in work techniques and skills required in each legal system.
Heskia-Hacmun considered it to be very important to let me act independently to solve any legal problem that occurred first of all on my own but always integrated in the team. Thus I worked on some exiting cases and projects.
For instance, my work contained German law of succession or law of torts as well as I was participating in a case involving a company’s problem with European Community competition law or advise a company on trademark law related issues, which made my internship a very diversified challenge.

Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to participate on several social events such as art projects and a meeting of the German-Israeli Law Association. The organization and participation of and on this meeting made me travel all over Israel, for example to a meeting with the president of the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem, and gave me at various events the possibility to get to know attorneys and other interesting people from all over Israel.

Beside the daily work at the office, I made a few trips to several places in Israel and I will never forget about the fascinating landscape and the amazing nightlife of Tel Aviv with its thousands and thousands of bars, clubs and restaurants.
Finally, I want to thank everyone at Heskia-Hacmun for the opportunity to work in Israel and the great time I had in Tel-Aviv. I highly recommend Heskia-Hacmun to anyone who wants to do an internship at one of the most exciting law firms of Israel.