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Julia Stubenrauch, Germany / June-August 2006

Julia Stubenrauch

Munich, Germany

Education: Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, 1st State Examination 2004, 2nd State Examination 2006

German, English


I have stayed in Israel for two and a half months. It was my first stay in Israel and I can’t say that I had any specific expectations.

I have always been interested in Israel though because of its historical, cultural and political importance and wanted to live here for a while. With German news mostly showing the violence in the Palestinian areas you only get a very small extract from what life is like in Israel. So I wanted to come and see it with my own eyes. Doing my last part of legal education at Heskia Hacmun Law Firm seemed to be the best chance to do it.

What I found is a country full of vitality and fun-loving people. All my concerns of coming to a country where I don’t know a single person vanished into thin air from the first moment. I have never been welcomed by such a well-meant, honest warmth.

Working at Heskia – Hacmun Law Firm

Concerning my work at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm I was surprised to find everyone in the legal office so informal, nothing compared to the prim atmosphere you find in some German law firms. Heskia Hacmun is a young, amicable law firm where team spirit is not a shallow term but where it is practiced every single day. The common breakfasts on Sundays for example followed by a short meeting to inform everybody of the upcoming issues of the new week ensure that all colleagues meet on a personal basis and know what everyone else is doing. They are not only an effective but also a very social way to start the week.

As a legal intern you are a welcomed part of it all. Everyone in the office is very friendly and trying to make you feel like home. With a works outing to a water park on my first day I had the perfect start in the office, meeting everyone casual and off work. Being invited to a wonderful barbecue at Amos Hacmun family’s house gave me the feeling of really being a part of the big family the office seems to be.

My work concerning international civil law and commercial law was interesting and I had the chance to get an insight into the Israeli legal system accompanying the colleagues to court. With the attorney colleagues often giving short summaries of the legal cases and explanations of all uprising questions I was able to find similarities and differences between the German and Israeli legal systems.

Knowing Israel, not just from legal point of view

Besides that I had the time to get to know the country and everyone in the Heskia – Hacmunoffice did a perfect job to make my stay a time I will never forget. No matter if planning your weekend trips through the country or concerning your plans for the nights, everyone at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm gives you a helpful hand and makes sure that you are never alone.

From what I saw Israel is a diversified country. With the never sleeping Tel Aviv where you find people sitting in bars and cafes at every time of the day or night enjoying their life I found the perfect city to stay in.

Coming here was an experience I don’t want to miss!