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Tereza Vaculinova, Czech Republic / September 2008

Tereza Vaculinova

Czech Republic, Prague

Education: Masaryk University School of Law in Brnoin; member of the Czech Bar Association (2007)
Languages: Czech, German, English.

My internship with Heskia-Hacmun in September 2008 is one I will look back on as a unique opportunity filled with exciting social and cultural experiences. During my time in this young dynamic law firm I was able to take part in a diverse range of projects as well as some amazing social events, all organized by a motivated team.

As a qualified Czech attorney, I was eager to get involved in interesting legal work. Far from being left to observe office life as an outsider, the friendly team was quick to welcome me and involve me in various complex projects. I was able to work closely with my Israeli colleagues, comparing practice and sharing business expertise in a wide range of practice areas.

I was impressed by the smooth cooperation amongst members of the whole team and their warm, friendly approach. The opportunity to attend an Israeli court hearing allowed me to compare the procedural aspects of the Israeli and Czech legal systems. I was also able to participate in a conference of the German-Israeli Law Association, where I met some interesting people as well.

As well as the challenging legal tasks I was assigned, I was able to take advantage of some great opportunities to travel and enjoy the diverse cultural environment of Tel-Aviv. The vibrant social side of life at the firm, the great nightlife, the fabulous beaches, the varied cuisine and the people who make up the unique atmosphere of this wonderful city all made my stay unforgettable.

I was lucky to be part of a group of lawyers who also know how to enjoy life. Heskia-Hacmun is truly part of the social fabric of the city, involved in activities ranging from the publication of children’s books (written by one of the partners!!) to attending Tel-Aviv’s trendiest parties. I was also pleased to take part in the organisation of the Annual Art Competition, an innovative project introduced by the firm to encourage original artwork in the Tel Aviv area.

I was truly inspired by my internship at Heskia-Hacmun and would recommend the experience to both student interns and young lawyers seeking to gain an insight into the Israeli legal system and get involved in the thriving cultural life of Tel-Aviv. I would like to thank everyone once again for such a great time!