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Stefan Schäfers, Germany / October-December 2007

Stefan Schäfers

Berlin, Germany

Education: University of Heidelberg, University of Lausanne and University of Münster; Kammergericht Berlin

Languages: English, French, German

From October to December 2007 I worked as an intern at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm in Tel Aviv. This wonderful opportunity to join Heskia-Hacmun in Israel exceeded all expectations I had before arriving at the end of September from Berlin. I have had a varied and interesting time as an intern. The remarkable familiar atmosphere at the office made it easy to feel welcome and comfortable from the first day on. I was getting help not only to deal with my projects at the office but also to settle in the city of Tel Aviv. There was always somebody to answer my questions arising at work or about how to manage life in Israel. Everybody working at Heskia Hacmun was supportive and interested in what I had to offer as a German law student and eager to explain the relevant particularities of the Israeli legal system.

As Heskia-Hacmun has a special expertise inter alia in legal relations between Germany and Israel I worked a lot on projects which required German legal advice. It was very interesting to get a look at the interests of Israeli and German clients behind their cross border legal requests. During my three months at Heskia-Hacmun I assisted with a variety of projects, ranging from German law of succession to corporate law and sales law. However, staying for the first time in Israel, it was even more interesting to get in touch with the Israeli legal system, to see the differences, e.g. by attending civil court hearings, and some remarkable similarities between the German and the Israeli systems.

Beside of working at the office, living in the amazing city of Tel Aviv and travelling through Israel were definitely the most exciting experiences of my stay. Tel Aviv with its numerousness white Bauhaus buildings, the beautiful beach and its amazing nightlife is one of the most interesting and most impressive cities I’ve ever visited. Heskia-Hacmun also gave me the opportunity to travel through Israel, this fascinating country rich in attractions and beautiful landscapes.

Finally I am just grateful for this period full of fun and great new experiences I will never forget. It was a pleasure to work for Heskia-Hacmun.