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Harold Hershberg, USA / September 2009-February 2010

Harold Hershberg

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Education: Kennesaw State University B.S.

Languages: English

My internship was from September 2009 to February 2010. I still recall the excitement I felt on my first day of working for Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm. I was excited to be part of this dynamic international legal team and encouraged by the open door policy of the firm’s partners. During my time working with this legal team, I felt that I was in a supportive environment and was fortunate to take part in experiences that provided me insight into the legal structure of Israel.

My task included: research, reviewing documents, assist in drafting summaries for legal publications, and provide team support to associates and other interns. I was also fortunate to have experience outside the office making several trips to Israeli court to observe trials. The range of legal cases the firm handles is diverse and impressive. Personally, I gained insight into family law, international transactions, and domestic class action cases.
You can expect to be exposed to a range of international professionals and it is a great experience working with such a diverse team. During my internship, I was also joined by interns from Israel, Brazil, and Germany. The capabilities of the firm incorporate both domestic and international clientele.

The firm is located in the legal center of Israel. Tel Aviv is a metropolitan city and you cannot beat the Mediterranean Beaches. I would highly recommend taking an opportunity to work for such a supportive and dynamic law firm that is located in the energy filled city of Tel Aviv, Israel.