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Romina Liberman, Argentina / March 2016

Romina Liberman

Cordoba, Argentina.

I came to Israel as a participant of an internship and business and entrepreneurship course of Hillel with 40 Argentinians and 20 Brazilians. I had the opportunity to work as an intern at Heskia-Hacmum Law Firm in Tel Aviv from January to February 2016.

During this two month I did research work in different law areas, but mostly in heritage law and restitution cases. I also have reviewed memorandums and contracts about commercial law. In addition, I’ve had the experience to assist to a court-hearings in the Tel Aviv´s Court. They were in Hebrew, but thanks to my knowledge, experience and background, I realized that I was able to understand everything.

I also had an incredible experience to work along with amazing interns from Germany, France and Israel, they were not only good partners but also good people, so the atmosphere in the office was great. The team of the law firm was always ready to help me, they also explained me everything I needed.

The location of the law firm is unsurpassable, in front of the beach and five minutes walking to the Shuk HaCarmel (market) and fifteen minutes by bus to the center area. They are also flexible with the time, so you can not only work, you can also visit the country and have fun in this city that does not sleep.

I strongly recommend to come to Israel and gain experience at Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm.