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Robin Sievers, Frankfurt a. M. Germany / September – November 2017

Robin Sievers

Frankfurt a. M., Germany

I had the opportunity to be a part of the legal team at Heskia Hacmun Law Firm from Oktober 2017 till end of November 2017.

Looking out over the Charles Clore park by the beach, the office is located in the center of Tel Aviv, which gives you the opportunity to spend your breaks outside looking out over the sea.

Besides drafting legal opinions, translations and legal research regarding German and international law, my tasks also included correspondence and the draft and submission of requests to several German authorities and other bodies as well as errands to courts in the area, usually with permission to spend the rest of the day in the city they sent me to, e.g. Jerusalem. Furthermore I had the possibility to join Hebrew language court hearings.

The team was very friendly and understanding as they see their interns not only as workforce but human beings. Beside me there were three other interns and we laughed a lot during our time at Heskia Hacmun. Furthermore the team really tried to include us not only in their ranks at work but into their lives here in Israel as well: we were invited to events, such as the preview of a play and for one of the interns it became custom to watch soccer with Adi.
The interns at Heskia Hacmun were always encouraged to take time off to see and explore the country of Israel and so it was possible to – relatively spontaneously – plan my excursions. I especially love Tel Aviv as a city and Israel as a country rich in culture and history, which is one of the reasons why I chose to do an internship here between the end of my studies and the beginning of my Referendariat in Germany. To me my time here was very important and I hope if you make the decision of coming here, your time here will be of just as much importance to you.