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Leo Weber, Hamburg Germany / August – October 2018

I attended my internship at Heskia Hacmun Law Firm from 5th August to 14th October 2018. From day one, I spent an amazing time there in a friendly, open and collegial work environment. At work, I felt integrated from the start and was assigned various tasks by the lawyers. My work consisted of translation (German <-> English), preparation for cases, client meetings and legal research in fields such as intellectual property and contract law. Through my tasks, I gained interesting insights in the procedure of cases in Israel, but also on an international level.

The HH-Team is very friendly and kind and makes sure that one enjoys his/her time in Tel Aviv and in Israel in general. We also spent time with the HH-Team after work hours.

Besides working at Heskia Hacmun, I was able to experience Tel Aviv and its distinguished vibe as well as the Israeli way of life. The city offers a variety of activities in any regard, for example the beach, a huge cultural program, outdoor activities and a thrilling nightlife. During my time here, I met a lot of people from here and around the world, of whom many I’ve become friends with.

I am very thankful for everything I experienced and learned through my internship at Heskia Hacmun Law Firm. Not just did it make me sure that I have chosen the right profession, but also made me excited for my future path studying law in Germany. I hold those three months at Heskia Hacmun Law Firm in Tel Aviv very dear and highly recommend to anyone to attend an internship there.

להתראות !