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Maximilian Knaak, Bad Saulgau, Germany / February – April 2023

Internship at HH-Law in Tel Aviv (February to April 2023)

From February to April 2023, I had the opportunity to do an internship at Heskia-Hacmun in Tel Aviv. My internship offered me the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field of private international law and to gain an insight into how law is applied and enforced in an international context.

Working environment and team:
From the very beginning, the team at the firm was extremely friendly and approachable. Already on the first day, I felt welcome and was treated as a full member of the team. The lawyers took the time to introduce me to the work processes and projects. They were always willing to answer my questions and help me with my tasks. The positive working atmosphere contributed significantly to the fact that I was able to integrate quickly and was motivated to work on the tasks assigned to me.

Tasks and experiences:
During my internship, I had the opportunity to work on various projects and cases involving both German and Israeli private law. My main tasks consisted of conducting research, drafting legal documents and assisting in the preparation of court cases. I found the opportunity to participate in meetings dealing with cross-border legal issues particularly exciting. This allowed me to experience first-hand how complex legal issues are analysed and resolved in an international context.

Learning gain and personal development:
The internship at the law firm in Tel Aviv was extremely valuable for my personal and professional development. I was able to apply and deepen my theoretical knowledge from my studies in private international law in practice. The close contact with the team allowed me to benefit from their expertise and gain valuable insights into their working methods. I learned to analyse and deal with complex legal problems in a cross-border context.
In doing so, HH-Law also supported my stay beyond the pure work activities. A notable example of this was the opportunity to attend the exhibition opening at Tel Aviv University, which was attended by the German Federal Minister of Justice. This not only gave me an insight into the cooperation between German and Israeli lawyers, but also offered the chance for a deeper examination of the German-Israeli relationship.
In addition, I was granted the flexibility, for example, to visit a museum or the Old City after having had appointments in Jerusalem. This allowed me to gain a rich cultural and historical experience alongside my professional development. And on a personal level, the internship was also a unique experience, especially through attending football matches and other ventures with Adi.

These additional activities and opportunities, which went beyond the normal working day, contributed to making my internship at HH-Law an exceptional and enriching experience. They offered me the chance to apply my legal knowledge in an international context while learning about the fascinating culture and history of Israel.

My internship at the Tel Aviv law firm was an outstanding experience that further strengthened my passion for private international law. The friendly and supportive working environment contributed significantly to my learning. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on exciting cases. The internship gave me a valuable insight into the practice of international law and will definitely remain in my memory!

Thank you very much for the wonderful time together and see you soon!