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Philipp Martin, Germany / October – November 2015

Philipp Martin

Mainz, Germany

Education: University of Mainz (since 2011), Erasmus Program at the University of Helsinki (2014-2015)

Languages: German, English

After a holiday trip to Israel a two years ago I was very much interested in an internship in Israel. So I was glad as the Heskia-Hacmun law firm allowed me to practice in Israel for a month.

Being at the Heskia-Hacmun law firm war a great experience. The law firm consists of a young, highly motivated team that included me in all the very interesting work they do in Tel Aviv.

I was involved in cases in the area of inheritance law. All of the cases had close connections to German law and so I could use my knowledge from university in practice. But besides this opportunity I had the chance to get an inside view to the Israeli legal system. Especially the visits to the Supreme Court have been extremely interesting to me.

Besides these experiences I was glad to live in Tel Aviv and I have learned a lot about Israeli culture and social life. I enjoyed travelling to Jerusalem and visiting this city full of culture and history.

Last but not least the offices of the Heskia-Hacmun law firm offered a wonderful view over the city and the sea, which I do miss.